Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2nd Engagement Anniversary!

Here's the story, narrated by Traci, of our engagement that was originally on our wedding website. Happy Engagement Anniversary Traci:

The day began with Harrison surprising me with breakfast in bed (sausage, muffins, eggs, and pancakes). This was a first for me, so I was very excited.Note Harrison's dashing sweater we found at Gap for 14 dollars!

After hanging out with Harrison for awhile I got a massage at a local spa that Harrison gave me for Christmas. It was so unbelievable. A perk of getting a massage in a really swanky place is they have tons of free samples of lotions and perfumes in the bathroom, which I definitely took advantage of. I was so loose and happy leaving the place, I wasn't totally paying attention and I hit my head on the car as I was getting in (I still had a mark to prove it.).

We had dinner downtown at Larkins on the River after going to church. We actually had reservations for the patio because it was such a busy night, but Harrison worked his magic and got us a table inside. I have never been to a nicer restaurant. The host put my napkin in my lap for me, nice touch. During dinner, Harrison told me he had joined Clemson Presbyterian, where I am also a member.

After dinner we walked around downtown Greenville. We reminisced about a time about 8 months ago when we were beginning to date and we were walking around that same area. Harrison tried to hold my hand and I wasn't quite comfortable with that, so I started pointing at things. I've come a long way.

We had dessert at this little diner. I loved it because we sat on the same side of the booth! Here, Harrison had another little surprise for me. This past summer I suggested that he read The Catcher in the Rye, because it's one of my favorite books, but he was busy with summer school and he isn't the biggest fan of fiction. But, for me, he started reading it over Christmas and we talked all about it!

Then, unbeknownst to me, we headed to Clemson. Harrison wanted to celebrate New Year's "in front of Tillman's clock tower." We got there around 11:40 and we saw a police car and big guy running into Tillman. This worried me and Harrison pretended like it worried him to. So we rode around for awhile and when we came back they had vanished. So we got out of the car and it started raining, so I suggest we go into Tillman. And Harrison suggested we explore Tillman. I wasn't too crazy about this idea because I felt like we shouldn't be there, but I followed.

We ended up going to the top of the clock tower and had a great view of Clemson. Harrison said this beautiful speech and asked me to marry him. Through my loud crying, I said yes. That was at midnight exactly, and the bell at The Carillon Gardens rang twelve times and fireworks went off for us. That guy I saw earlier was Edward and the police officer was an off duty cop supervising everything.

Then we went down the stairs a little bit and there was a rug set up with candles, roses, and wine. After that we went to my apartment and stayed up until 5am talking about weddings, babies, and everything in between. That morning I woke up to a slide show and my roses in a vase.

That morning I told Harrison that he was not allowed to spoil me with anymore surprises for a while. But of course, I really didn't mean that.

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  1. Patty Bynum9:30 PM

    I love this story! I don't think I've ever heard all of the special details that Traci included. So many good memories that you will treasure forever.


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