Sunday, August 22, 2010

New York City Trip in Pictures

Last month I mentioned that I was off to New York City to do some improv and sightseeing. Here's how it went. First thing was to take a cab, which my wife had never done. So I snapped a picture of her:

Traci's first cab ride
We stopped by my friend James' place, where we stayed, then headed to the UCB Theater for our performer passes:

UCB Theater
After seeing a couple shows we walked to Time Square. I felt like I was inside of a commercial.

"Buy something"
On Saturday, the last performance with full cast of  my Harold team rocked the house (new members soon).

The 708
Afterwards, we did lunch with an old friend of Traci's, who also got us discount tickets to the Museum of Modern Art:

After that, we headed back for an evening of improv. We decided not to wait in three hour line for the big Improvised Shakespeare show and instead caught a great set from Bassprov.

Fishing inspired improv
Sunday morning we met up with some fellow Clemson graduates and went to recently mentioned Tim Keller's church.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Next, we had maybe one of the best burger and fries ever had from the Shake Shack. The food in the city really was above average.

Then we went to my second performance with the fast, fun, and furious Mister Diplomat. But don't take my word for it. Here, here, here, here, and here are some live tweet verification of a sweet show.

suggestion: lockets
After dinner with James, he took us to my favorite site of weekend, the High Line Park.

Park built on an old elevated rail
A late night of dance party for Traci and talking impov shop for me meant we slept in a little later than we expected. Luckily, we were able to rent bikes in Central Park before it got too hot.

Bethesda Terrace
After getting vendor cart hot dogs, Traci and I worked our way downtown to check out Ground Zero. There was actually mass confusion at the area as tourists tried to figure out what there was to see. The stories are true, after ten years, there really is nothing there.

Ground Zero today
The last thing on our on our list was to take the Staten Island Ferry. It's a fast and free way to see the Statue of Liberty and get a good look at the city from the water.

Taken from the ferry
Overall the trip was great. I found it harder to get around than Chicago, but that may just be because it was my first visit as an a adult. I also learned one other thing. People take too many pictures on trips. I noticed tourists taking pictures of everything, from buildings to paintings. In this post only about half of the photos were mine, the others were found online either on Facebook or via Google images. As a perfect example of why my photography isn't nearly as good as what's online, here's a photograph of the Statue of Liberty I didn't take.

Now that's NYC


  1. Patty8:31 PM

    Thanks for the good ideas for places to see! Your pictures (and others) were great!


  2. Great pictures! As to the one of Lady Liberty, the only difference between yours and the other is where the sun was. In yours, the sun was in front of you, causing the camera to stop down. In the other, the sun is behind the photographer, illuminating the statue gorgeously. Light is the hardest thing for a photographer to manage. My wife likes to get out at twilight, either early/late morning or late afternoon/evening, for her artistic shots. Most of what we amateurs can do at midday is merely snapshots. Better luck next time! (May you have a next time soon!)

  3. Thanks for the suggestion FS, but that's what I'm talking about. I know nothing about photography nor do I really care to learn. Though my tune my change a bit when I have cute babies to take pictures of.

  4. Interesting that I'm looking for Tim Keller' writing on gender roles (cuz of justin's blog) and google sent me here! Hey! I recognize that name, that face! Good to see you. Did Keller talk about woman's roles????? Probably not

  5. No sadly he didn't mention women's roles. Though I know he is in the PCA minority of having female deacons. Thanks for saying hello!


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