Thursday, October 28, 2010

Warming Up Before a Show

Over at the newly created College Improv Resource, Ben asks a question about why performers warm up before a show? Basic Yes &, group bonding, and practicing patterns were all mentioned. Here's one that wasn't initially obvious, feeling like a kid:
Individuals imagining themselves as children subsequently produced more original responses on the TTCT. Further results showed that the manipulation was particularly effective among more introverted individuals, who are typically less spontaneous and more inhibited in their daily lives. The results thus establish that there is a benefit in thinking like a child to subsequent creative originality, particularly among introverted individuals. The discussion links the findings to mindset factors, play and spontaneity, and relevant personality processes.
Here's a similar article at The Independent.

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  1. Researchers have just now begun to find what Aunt Paula has known for years.


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