Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Baby New Blog

That's right, my wife and I are having a baby! And here's the most recent post from my new baby blog, written from the perspective of the main character:
It's official, I'm a boy or girl! You'll have to solve this word problem to find out which: 
I'm the most popular baby in the world. I charge the minimum wage in 1994 (in 1996 dollars) per hour to be baby-sat before midnight. But I get a dollar more per hour if you keep me up later. Last Friday, I earned $28.50 for being baby-sat by the neighbors until 1:30am. What time did I start? 
If it's before 8pm I'm a girl. After 8pm I'm a boy. Good luck!
And here's the first heartbeat and ultrasound!


  1. Connie in Oregon1:59 PM

    Boy! Sorry, I randomly found your blog and this post. The riddle intrigued me. It was fun to figure out. Congratulations on your little blessing!

  2. Connie in Oregon4:47 PM

    Or....girl, if you don't forget to add the extra dollar after midnight. ;-)


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