Sunday, May 04, 2008

Movie Buffet Ratings

If you’ve been to a buffet, then you understand the tendency to overindulge. A Blockbuster Movie Pass is not too different. You enjoyed the experience, but when was all over, there were some things you regretted getting. Here are my rankings. Anything with three plus stars I would recommend.

Gone Baby Gone: **** - Good mystery with great acting and an end that will keep you thinking. My favorite of the bunch.
Malcolm X: **** - Malcolm is intense, Denzel is intense, Spike Lee is intense.
American Gangster: **** - Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington are great. This true story and shows that maybe some drug dealers act just like business owners.
I am Legend: **** - Will Smith and his dog carry this surprisingly great horror movie.
The Departed: *** - Great acting by all and plot twists that keep you constantly guessing.
Atonement: *** - It wouldn't be my favorite movie, but it is an interesting way to tell and interesting story.
Dan in Real Life: *** - A fun movie about family, the hardships of parenting, and kissing your brother’s girlfriend.

Déjà Vu: ** - Let down for Denzel, but kind of fun to watch.
No Country for Old Men: ** - The creepiness of the bad guy can only take a movie so far. Definitely not my vote for best picture.
Cloverfied: ** - Interesting film, but I don't like leaving movies with more questions than answers.
Bee Movie: ** - Fun, but definitely a kids movie.
The Assassination of Jesse James: ** - Big let down. Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck make good movies, but this was not one of them.
There Will Be Blood: ** - Slow movie and a final monologue that makes you cringe: "I'll drink you milkshake!"

Four Weddings and a Funeral: * - This is the movie where Hugh Grant plays that awkward but yet charming guy.

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