Thursday, July 31, 2008

Emptying the Bottle: July '08 Links List

1) A place where professional bloggers can “diavlog” or discuss issues on a split screen video.

2) What would you possibly say on this online funeral guestbook?

3) A rating of the effectiveness of local private charities by the Acton Institute.

4) Globalisation is changing the world. This video helps explain what exactly that means for us.

5) Use your prediction of future effects to raise money for your favorite causes.

6) What if the Presidential Candidates Pandered to Economists?

7) Upload a photo and see which celebrity you look like.

8) See Congress members have voted over the years on bills affecting free trade.

9) The Circumcision Reference Library.

10) The joy of $8 gas!

*As always, you can see what I find interesting on a daily basis*

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