Saturday, February 28, 2009

Emptying the Bottle: February '09 Links List

Here's another extra long list due to my furlough.

1) The economy according to

2) A great place for seemingly low budget but good political interviews.

3) Over a 1/3 of police shootings are suicide by cop.

4) Maybe commercials make TV more enjoyable (could explain why TV online feels less than ideal).

5) Where a "stimulus" has already been tried and failed.

6) Why you shouldn't touch when you shop.

7) If their too big to fail, make them too big to exist.

8) A menstrual reminder for husbands.

9) A list of good things Obama has done so far.

10) Q & A on "Who Survives a Plane Crash?"

11) 40% of Americans own guns! (Thanks Justin)

12) How free Monty Python can bring profits.

13) An index of Marginal Revolution's "Markets in Everything" series.

14) Interview with a shoplifter.

15) Yet another reason why profits are good.

16) Wingsuit Base Jumping!

17) Clemson economics department ranks in top half.

18) Shopkeeper keeps store open when he's gone.

19) Should you tell your kids about the financial crisis?

20) My two favorite media sources in one room!

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