Sunday, May 31, 2009

Emptying the Bottle: May '09 Links List

1) Hands down the coolest bicycle tricks video I have ever seen.

2) The atomic bomb was Plan B (after thousands of bats carrying bombs).

3) Looking for a job? See what your references say about you or what interview questions certain employers are likely to ask.

4) Penn and Teller use magic to make a point about airline security.

5) A way around smoking bans, become a "smoking research center" (thanks Justin).

6) This company takes care of your online identity when you die?

7) Great pictures from a tent city outside of downtown Fresno.

8) Economics of The Office.

9) Classical Indian music + Bluegrass = Hindugrass

10) Really cool curve ball optical illusion.

Are these links lists even worth it? About how many do you actually click on? No response might make me think you didn't even read this far, so please comment. And if you like them, then here's my daily Bookmarks.


  1. I enjoy them! Even though I read your bookmarks feed too, often these posts contain great ones I missed.

  2. I love these posts with the links!


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