Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best of the Second 100

The lack of posts here is because I've been transferring all my information from Weebly to Blogger. Here's a link to my new site and the new rss feed and comments feed. I switched for various reasons, but the important thing is I'm happy to say its over and regular posting can return. In celebration of over 200 posts here's my favorites from the second 100 (here's my favorites from the first 100):

1) This Recession is a Result of Rationality (or maybe Irrationality)

2) Let's Not Do the Numbers

3) Three Part Series on the Economic Stimulus Package

4) Blockbuster's Future, A Personal Story

5) Wisdom from Comic Books


  1. So is this it? Should I remove all weebly links and start reading on blogger?

  2. Yep. Future posts will be on blogger. However I intend to keep this old site up (indefinitely if possible) because I don't want other sites to have dead links.


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