Friday, February 22, 2008

Campaign Donations is a campaign contribution search engine that lists donor names, amount given and to whom it was donated. This information is kept public by law, so you can search to see if anyone you know has donated at least $200 to a political candidate since 1978. Here are some highlights from its famous donors list:

Ben Affleck: $6,900 to Barack Obama
Louie Anderson: $2,500 to Democratic National Party
Hank Azaria: $2,300 to John Edwards and $10,000 to DNC
Tyra Banks: $2,300 for Barack Obama
Jon Bon Jovi (John Bongiovi): $4,600 to Hillary Clinton
Michael Jordan: $10,000 to Barack Obama Senate race
Drew Carey: $2,300 to Ron Paul
Don Henley: $728,785 to mostly Democrats since 1980.
Bill Gates: $267,358 in the last 20 years with no regard to party.

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