Saturday, December 18, 2010

Afghans Should Peace Out

A while back I mentioned the unusual idea of letting Iraq decide on whether American soldiers stay in Iraq. If you thought that was out of the box, here's a more unusual idea about Afghanistan:
Should we leave Afghanistan? Absolutely not. The Afghans should leave Afghanistan! They have already shown that in other countries, they can assimilate and succeed. Do Afghans in America or Australia live in mudbrick hovels and prevent their daughters from going to school? Do they harbor terrorists, plant mines in the roads, and stone adulterous women to death? Of course not!

Take the Afghans out of Afghanistan and you help them out too. This would be a far more humane and beneficial version of an old counterinsurgency technique, moving the population to safe areas. The ultimate safe haven is a secure and prosperous country. In this way, we will fulfill our goal of protecting the Afghan population.

It wouldn’t be so difficult to resettle the Afghans — and it would be far cheaper than the $12 billion a year we are spending on training their Army and police alone.
The entire article is actually not worth reading and goes too an extreme. The idea however is solid. If coalition forces really support the Afghan people, they should welcome them into their backyard.


  1. I know that you support immigration,but unfortunately governments doesn't things so .

  2. More unfortunately, most people don't think so.


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