Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Reason to Volunteer Abroad

Last year I described why I think many overseas missions do more harm than good. The first comment was from Lindsey Jones, who recently posted her own experience volunteering abroad:
We called the trip to Haiti a "reverse mission trip," which is meant to imply that WE, the travelers, are the ones receiving rather than providing. We affirm the Haitian culture instead of fostering dependency, and we attempt to empower those in Haiti to do the work for their own nation since they are far more equipped to do it than we ever will be. We go to learn and benefit from what Haitians can teach us, and we have no intentions of teaching or telling them anything.
This is a great argument for volunteering abroad, but with diminishing effects.


  1. This is very interesting thought, one which I never considered, many charities aims now is to allow a place in need, to help themselves. So that once a volunteer returns home, to their comforts and possibly lavish lifestyle (in comparison) the people they were helping can continue to thrive.

    I think this allows many beneifts in the future, because now those people won't reply upon foreign people coming to tell them to do this and do that!

    I myself am going out to Tanzania, in October 2011; I'll be a volunteer in an Orphange, and althought I have plans to help Peace Matunda, my main aim is to give hope to the 21 children who live there, so that when I leave, I know those children have smiles rather than frowns.



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