Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Economics of Gainful Unemployment

Or, what I've learned after being unemployed for a month:

1) The likelihood of getting something done in the afternoon is directly proportional to how much I got done in the morning. Sleeping in sets the tone for my entire day.

2) I have the comparative advantage of producing sleep. Now if I could just find a way to trade that.

3) When unemployed the diminishing utility of leisure is high. The joy of relaxing quickly loses its enjoyment.

4) When your opportunity cost of time much like it was when you were a kid, you begin to spend you time accordingly. My reading list this month has consisted of comic books and a fictional biography of a zombie invasion.

5) According to Traci, a positive externality of having an unemployed husband is that my supply of household chores has shifted to the right.

6) There may be some economies of scale in producing "judge shows":
Fox: 11:00 Judge Maria Lopez, 11:30 Jury Duty, 2:00 Cristina's Court, 2:30 Judge Judy, 3:00 Divorce Court, 3:30 Judge Alex, 4:00 Judge Judy, 4:30 Judge Joe Brown
NBC: 2:00 one hour of People's Court, 3:00 one hour of People's Court, 4:00 one hour of Judge Mathis
MyRDC: 12:00 one hour of Judge David Young, 1:00 one hour of Cristina's Court, 2:00 Judge Alex, 2:30 Judge Alex (Sugar Mama Drama Week), 3:00 Divorce Court, 3:30 Divorce Court, 4:00 one hour of People's Court, 5:00 Judge Joe Brown, 5:30 Judge Joe Brown, 6:00 one hour of People's Court

I happily start substitute teaching this week.


  1. How can unemployment be gainful?


  2. Sorry, that was a play off the words "gainful employment". I guess I was trying to show what I've gained from being unemployed (something usually seen as a pure negative). This was categorized this under humor for a reason.

  3. Congratulations on the job!


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