Saturday, September 13, 2008

Harrison's Favorite Things

If Oprah can do it, why can't I? So here are some products I've come across in the last couple of month that are worth checking out:

[TV] Lost: maybe the greatest television show of all time. If you're not watching it already, go to and catch yourself up before 2009.
[Blogs] Google Reader: If you read more than one blog, and you're not using this, you're working too hard.
[Food] Microwavable Vegetables: Birds Eye steams in 3 minutes and tastes just like you did it yourself.
[Food 2] English Muffins: For breakfast (with some butter or jam) or lunch (with ham and cheese) they are tasty and allow you to forgo the loaf of bread you'll never finish in time.
[DVD] Arrested Development: A show so funny you won't understand why it got canceled.
[Snacks] Stride Gum: The commercials don't lie. It really does last longer than you care to chew it.
[Games] Settlers of Catan: Monopoly + Risk and makes for the greatest board game I've ever played.
[Music] You can search, and usually find, pretty much any song you're looking for. Then take the ones you like and make a play list.
[CD] Paige Aufhammer: Recommended by a family member and then we noticed that Traci lived with her at a camp one summer. Her debut album is wonderful.
[GPS] Garmin nuvi 200: For $160 I never get lost with it (I always get lost without it).
[Radio] National Public Radio: I've had moral qualms with the public nature of the station, but you can't beat the talks. I really like The Story.

*Unlike Oprah, I can't send anyone home with any gifts.


  1. Things you're missing:

    Firefly - Best television series ever. Cancelled before the end of the season.

    Great Mini-series - Band of Brothers. Lonesome Dove

    Good list!

  2. Firefly is awesome! Many would disagree, but I think its Joss Whedon's best. At least the movie gives us some closure.

  3. Schmidt7:14 PM

    "[TV] Lost: maybe the greatest television show of all time."

    Spoken like someone who has not watched The Wire. Get thee to a Blockbuster.

  4. I'll have to check that out Chris. I've also heard 30 Rock is worthwhile.


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