Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Washington, My Home

***Addendum: unlike like George Washington (pictured below) I apparently have no problem telling a lie. I didn't cut down a cherry tree and I sure didn't get a job in the great state of Washington. April Fools!***

I usually try to keep the narrative out this venue to avoid boring people with my personal life, but I feel like this is important enough to mention. I recently accepted a teaching position via Teach for America at Clallam Bay High School in Washington. That's right, Traci and I are heading to the west coast. The main pull to this area in particular was their higher salary, $46,000 and their opening over the summer. I'll be teaching Advanced Placement Economics in their summer "Pull Ahead" program. This a program that has apparently been in the Cape Flattery School District for a while that offers a handful of advanced class to help eager students take the extra classes they might need to graduate a year early. The process has begun as we are now looking for a house and church. So if you know any in the area give us a ring. Traci and I are hoping to be settled there before I start in June. Here we come Washington!


  1. Wow! I'm so excited for you guys!

    Since we're on the subject of big moves, I guess I should mention that Erin's and my application for the peace corps finally went through! We will be spending the next two years trying desperately to help and communicate with the good people of Djibouti. If you're ever in town, stop by the Obock region and say hello!

  2. This wouldn't have anything to do with your distaste for the white majority would it Justin?

  3. Anthony9:49 PM

    I didn't know that George Washington lived in Washington State. Nor did I know that school in Washington State started in June. Shows you what I do and don't know.

  4. Actually George Washington currently resides in Mount Vernon, Va. As for summer school in the state of Washington... it starts in June...ish.


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