Friday, April 23, 2010

The (Earth) Day After Tomorrow

Global apocalypse is a common subject for movies. Everything from zombies to mother nature herself threatens life on Hollywood's Earth. One of the more common depictions of human destruction is from nuclear holocaust. Good friend and reader Justin Scott recently pointed out a graphic that shows atomic weapons aren't as plentiful as we thought. You would need over a million nuclear bombs to destroy human life and the world only has about 10,000. That's less than 1% needed. This is not only good news for those of us that want to continue living, it also legitimises Obama's recent Nuclear Security Summit. At first I saw this as a political move to decrease global nuclear weapons from a number that could destroy the world three times to a number that could only do it twice. Instead, this is an important step in making all of us safer and more secure. If you're not convinced this is a big deal, note that this is one of the largest gatherings of world leaders since Franklin Roosevelt was president. So now that you know nuclear war probably won't kill you, go out and buy some chaos insurance and celebrate another Earth Day here and gone without global destruction!

Oh, and enjoy some amazing Earth photos from The Big Picture.

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