Monday, April 05, 2010

Fresh Ideas for Free

Want a new perspective on your business without paying for it? Try placing a job advertisement:
One employer admitted to me that he had no intention of hiring anyone but placed a job ad. He had all the applicants write a plan for marketing his company's core product, which he then used as free work product. He said, "They were all so eager to get the (nonexistent) job that they killed themselves in creating their plan. I got great ideas."
Deceptive but successful.


  1. Jerks.

    BTW you pasted the quote twice.

  2. Are you promoting this or just pointing it out?

  3. Definitely not supporting because it's so deceptive. But this shows there is real potential for honest help for businesses from the outside. It shows that great business ideas don't necessarily come from the bosses, but those with an incentive to come up with great business ideas (ex: a job interview).


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