Sunday, November 14, 2010

Targeted Advertising to Speeders

I got a speeding ticket last Monday. One of those downhill speed traps that would catch any patriotic speeder. The officer assured me that if I show up for the court date they'll probably drop the charges. It seems the biggest bummer about the speeding tax is that eventually you'll have to pay it. Lucky for me I get an interesting blog post out it. It wasn't the ticket itself, but what happened afterward that was most interesting. By Saturday, just a couple of days later, I had this in my mailbox:

That's a dozen letters from local lawyers letting me know they could help in my case. Apparently my ticket is public information and this is the direct mail version of ambulance chasing. Best of all, most of the letters acknowledged the ridiculousness of the situation. One even stated that I should expect to receive up to twenty similar letters, but that if I wanted quality I should hire them. I think for now I'll go rogue and represent myself.


  1. This is amazing. I am forwarding to my lawyer friends!

  2. "Lawyer friends"? Isn't that a misnomer? Ha ha. Glad you liked it.

  3. When I got into an accident, I got letters from lawyers and chiropractors. They can just get your address off the state website. It ooogs me out.

  4. I know! "Ooogs" is a good way to describe it.


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