Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Worthwhile Sentences on Political Commentary

From moderate David Brooks: "Democratic victories are always ascribed to hope; Republican ones to rage."

From the Economic Logician: "Many see the Great Recession, as it is now called, as a dual crisis: an economic crisis and a crisis of economics, and more specifically macroeconomics."

From Professor of Shakespeare Peter Saccio: "Shakespeare and Sarah Palin have two things in common. One, they both tend to make up words. Two, half the country can't understand what the other half of the country thinks is so great about them."

From the Seattle Times: "There are no small-government disciples in massive oil spills."

From New York Magazine: "If you can't beat it, the thinking goes, yell at it."


  1. Amike3:11 PM

    I like David Brooks, but I'm pretty sure two election cycles does not an "always" make.

  2. I guess he was saying for all elections, but I'm sure he was mostly focusing on the last two.


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