Sunday, May 01, 2011

Strength as a Entrepreneur

From a Q & A with young professional guidance counselor Penelope Trunk:
What advice would you have for people determined to start their own business despite your warnings?

I went to graduate school for creative writing, and on the first day of school, the professor came in and said, "If there is any other career you can do, you must do it. This is the worst career ever. You make no money, it's high risk, nobody gives you any good feedback, so anyone who can think of anything else to do should get up and leave." I think entrepreneurship is a lot like a career as a creative writer. Relying on supporting a family with your crazy, high-risk idea, and putting all your own money and time into it is insane. So only insane people do it.

Do you really think entrepreneurs are crazy?

There was a great article in the Harvard Business Review that describes how venture capitalists decide who to fund. Venture capitalists are looking for someone who is somewhat crazy—just on the right side of being a psychopath.
Perhaps it's the right thing for me.

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