Thursday, May 12, 2011

Worthwhile Sentences on Work

From Sallie James: "Oh sure, you can pass lots of laws to creates jobs. You could pass a law saying we can no longer use computers. You can pass a law saying no more use of heavy earth moving equipment; we should all use spoons."

From Bryan Caplan: "In a society of Einsteins, Einsteins take out the garbage, scrub floors, and wash dishes."

From Tim Ferriss' email auto response: "Thank you for your email. Sadly, it will be deleted. To regain sanity, I am taking a break from e-mail until March. If still relevant, please email me again in the month of March."

From David Brooks: "One-fifth of all men in their prime working ages are not getting up and going to work."

From former UC President Clark Kerr: "The chancellor's job had come to be defined as providing parking for the faculty, sex for the students, and athletics for the alumni."

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