Friday, September 09, 2011

Heading to the Boston Improv Festival

Speaking of the improv news feed, here's the most recent Alchemy Improv Comedy post:
Before Alchemy Improv Comedy gets fully underway, Harrison is off to the Boston Improv Festival to perform and teach. He’ll be playing with Paula Pazderka, Artistic Director of the Dirty South Improv Theater. Together they form the improv duo Pound for Pound. They’ll be performing Saturday September 10th at 10:00 PM At the ImprovBoston Main Theater
Harrison will also be teaching an afternoon workshop on Sunday entitled The Invisible Hand of the Scene. Here's the teaser:
Introduction to improvisation reveals that scenes will naturally gravitate towards comedy. However, in more advanced classes you find out that for scenes to consistently successful you have to be the engine for that scene. Like basic economics, there is an invisible hand of the scene, but the reason the hand is so effective is because of industrious scene entrepreneurs. Understanding how to play and initiate both premeditated and truly inspired scenes will make you, your scene partners, and of course your audiences very happy. With exercises like “game (of the scene) theory” and “slow growth model”, you’ll be able to see how the machine we call a scene work. We’ve all been funny by accident. Now it’s time to find out how to innovate funny on purpose.
If you’ll be in Boston or know anyone who will be, let them know that Southern comedy will be there in full force!
Yes that's right, I'll be flying on the 10th anniversary of September 11th. I told you I wasn't scared.


  1. Austin Brookie2:20 PM

    Be ready for some delays my brother... Airline security will be really beefed up all over the country this weekend. I'm flying out to Vegas for a week with work on Monday, hopefully the histeria will have passed.

  2. I did have a little delay coming back. But interestingly security didn't seem that different.

  3. I flew through Dulles to LAX on September 11 and saw no differences in security coming or going.

  4. Yeah! Does that mean we won the war on terror?


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