Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hard Questions About Abortion

Inspired by a great post by Steve, I'm reminded that this issue is still relevant. But I also remember how controversial and sensitive it can be. Instead of giving you my two cents, I'd just like to pose a couple of tough questions:

1) If it is made illegal, will we really make these women criminals? If so, what will be their punishment?

2) Should the punishment fall only on the doctors, when the women are clearly instrumental?

3) Is it in the Republicans interest to legalize abortion? To put it more bluntly, would they benefit more from keeping it controversial or by succeeding in banning it?

4) Would the Democrats be better or worse if they turned this debate into a states' rights issue? Give the power to the states (I believe it would probably fall about 30 allow and 20 ban) and lure many pro-lifers to the party.

5) At its core this is an issue about rights. A woman's right vs. a child's right. All would agree that a woman's right to have a child or not does not extend indefinitely. So at what point after conception does the right of the child supersede the right of the woman? Conception? 1 month after? 6 months after? Birth? 6 hours after birth?


  1. Regardless of how ridiculous this may seem, I am going to try to answer all of your questions with questions. Here it goes...

    1) Is murder not a crime? Is taking an unborn infant's life not still taking a life?

    2) Can murders not involve multiple criminals? I think I have seen this in the movies.

    3) Has successfully legalizing abortion caused any decline in a Democrat's view of this issue? If abortion were outlawed would would the issue really be any less controversial?

    4) How many voter's base their support primarily (or solely) on their stance regarding abortion? Probably more than I would like to think.

    5) As humans, when we start deciding who lives and dies, are we not dealing with God's business? To answer the question of when is a life a life... "If you don't know whether a body is alive or dead, you would never bury it. I think this consideration itself should be enough for all of us to insist on protecting the unborn."-Ronald Reagan

  2. Thanks for the comments Chad:

    1) I'm assuming most pro-choicers don't believe that an unborn child is a full life. So they surely don't see it as murder.

    2) True.

    3) Great point.

    4) Sadly I think you're right. Several times on Christian radio I have heard people say that they vote solely on this issue. But in their defense, if you think millions of children are being murders, the housing crisis seems pretty small.

    5) Great quote.

  3. Harrison,

    I made another abortion post last night that is right up your alley:

    I would support the overturning of Roe v Wade but would oppose a constitutional ban on abortion. I have a whole post that I want to write but the salient question is: can reasonable people believe that life does not begin at conception? Can reasonable people believe that abortion is not murder? The answer to me is obviously yes. As Christians we have to win the hearts and minds of people, a battle I believe that we have been mostly winning the last 30 years. Most people consider third trimester abortions to be an abomination. Most are uncommitted on the issue of win life begins. Current policy is actually pretty consistent with the American electorates views. Its illustrated in this Simpsons clip (coincidentally, Dole is actually the alien Kang):


  4. Since I agree with Ron Paul and others that this should be a state issue, here are my answers:

    1) Decided by the state.

    2) Decided by the state.

    3) I don't know, but does it matter?

    4) I don't know any Democrats who think this should be a state issue. The party line as far as I know is that a woman has a right to choose. That's Obama's belief.

    5) I think a woman's right to life should always supersede her child's. I don't think you should ever have a situation where a woman's life was unwillingly taken to save her child.

  5. Amanda Tate9:17 PM

    Alright Mr Brookie, I'm going to say this cause it's not a school thing.


    and then when it comes to the rape issue.
    what do people do after they've been raped?
    --go to the hospital, get the morning after pill.

    and partial birth is INSANE! that's murder in the 1st degree right there. the woman [and the doctor] is killing the innocent child for a purpose! any type of abortion can be painful to the baby. i know a lot of doctors say that the baby hasn't developed their sense of feelings [nervous system] but dag on it, 6 hours before and at birth A BABY CAN FEEL PAIN! and sticking silicon into a baby is like frying it from the inside out!!


    i'm 16 years old and i have enough sense not to get pregnant when i don't want to [im also too young, and not able to support another human being]. so someone who's a few years older than me should definitely have enough sense.

    GAHH!! things like this fustrate me. maybe i should do my graduation project on partial abortion since obama is president and he's for partial-abortion.

  6. While I appreciate your thoughts Amanda, I want to suggest that you recognize the sensitivity surrounding this issue. It is more common than you think: 35% of all women in America today will have had an abortion by the age of 45.

    It's also important to recognize the sadness that surrounds the issue. Even those women who have had one and the politicians who support those rights, understand the pain and suffering of family of aborted fetuses.

    However, I think the rationale behind your comments is sound. Getting pregnant, in most cases, is a choice. With choices come responsibility. And with the adoption program that responsibility can last only 9 months.

    Also, I respect your recognition that you and your peers are unequipped to have a child at your age. Thanks for your thoughts.

  7. Amanda Tate9:18 PM

    alright, well regardless of how the woman, the doctor, the father, the woman's sister, anyone at all feels, it shouldn't be right to kill an innocent human being! abortion is murder in the first degree! it's just like back in the day when Roosevelt made all these laws to get around things. people now a days are coming up with all this excuses that don't matter to make themselves feel better moraly. Their saying that killing an innocent human being should be legal under certain circumstances. just like rooselvelt said selling things to Britian should be legal if it helps America in a time of war.

    and like you said, with choices comes responsibilty. it's not the baby's faught, so why in the world would anyone want to sentence it to death? that's soo cruel.


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