Thursday, October 23, 2008

Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics by John Stossel

Sometimes there is nothing more to add other than a strong encouragement to take some time this week and watch this special. Here is Part 1 about politicians and their promises:

Part 2: The Financial Crisis
Part 3: Rebuilding New Orleans
Part 4: Campaign Finance
Part 5: Farm Subsidies
Part 6: Conclusion


  1. The national government and the global economy can be accurately modeled by kids in a skating rink?

    I hope this gets better in the third part...

  2. Ok, the third a fourth parts were pretty good. I'm glad a small government guy has a program on a major network, but gosh I wish he would be a little less patronizing.

  3. I agree. Even though I'm a big fan, I'm a little irritated that he has a segment called "give me a break"


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