Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Brain as a Word Cloud, Part II

About a year ago I ran the text in my blog through a word cloud creater and this is what I got. I ran it again yesterday and the picture is below:

The first thing I noticed was that "people" was the largest in both clouds. I talk about other people a lot, but rarely talk about my personal life. "government", "money", and "good" are still here. This shows at least some consistency. The last thing I noticed is that there was nothing about religion, or specifically Christianity. I looked back and the last time I posted on the subject was early March and before then August. Sometimes I feel awkward talking about something so personal in such an impersonal venue. It seems overly revealing. Like my faith, I take politics very seriously, but unlike faith, I feel political issues don't define who I am (or at least shouldn't). I'm not sure if this should change.

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