Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I April Fooled Myself

Whether its Google, NPR, or a Harvard Economist, April Fools has become a time for the media to play practical jokes. I even tried my hand at it last year. Apparently, I have played a not so innocent joke on myself. Since I've started blogging I've keep an email draft of ideas, slowly adding to it. However, this morning it was gone. I apparently discarded the draft, which has grown to at least 2 full pages of thoughts, links, and possible blog titles. Sad to say, this post is not one of those practical jokes.

Update: Maybe I should change the title of this post to My Wife April Fooled Me (see comments).


  1. Anthony12:19 AM

    Funny. Your last year April Fools joke is my reality this year...

  2. Traci B.12:19 AM

    Or maybe I fooled you. It was actually 7 full pages in a Word document (including a list of running bets, a working "25 things" list, and favorite quotes).

    This is paying you back for April 1st 2005.

  3. I'm impressed, you got me good. But remember, April Fools will be back next year!

  4. You rock, Traci. Well done.

  5. Whatever happened to that 25 things list, huh?

  6. It never got above 15 so I deleted them, ha.


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