Sunday, April 05, 2009

Who Benefits From Big Government?

Washington. And I don't mean some vague notion of Washington:
As the nation's most populous metro area feels Wall Street's pain, the fourth-largest—Washington—is barely sensing the recession. In fact, Moody's estimates that metro Washington's economy will actually grow 2.5% from mid-2008 through mid-2010. New York's economy is expected to shrink 4.2%.

It wouldn't be the first time that Washington benefited from a national crisis. Back in 1930 the District of Columbia was a quiet Southern town, scoffed at by New York sophisticates. But as the federal government ramped up to fight first the Great Depression and then World War II, its population grew 65% in two decades, vs. just 14% for New York City.

This time Washington is getting a boost from government spending to fight the recession and fix the financial system, as well as the ongoing expenses of fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and promoting homeland security. While President Barack Obama pointedly left Washington for Denver to sign the $787 billion stimulus package on Feb. 17, locals expect the metro area to garner a big share of the dollars.
Congratulations to those lucky enough to be moving to the Washington.


  1. Logical syllogism:
    P1: Big government caused the national crisis.
    P2: D.C. people benefit from this crisis.
    C: Big government benefits D.C. folk.

    It's fine if I accept P1. Except your post had nothing to do with that. How about changing the title to "Who Benefits from the National Crisis?"

    With that said, the evidence is clear. G-Town here I come!


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