Thursday, July 02, 2009

Good Indoctrination is Good

Every so often my wife and I will sleep in an miss church on Sundays. Recently on one such Sunday I asked myself why I go to church in the first place (hoping that if I better understood the motivation for going, I might go more). Reasonable answers I've heard before were "to hear the gospel" or "fellowship with other believers". But then it hit me, I go to the church to be indoctrinated. In many ways being a Christian is like being schizophrenic. You desire to be certain kind of person, yet you are never able to attain it. That is of course why Jesus' atonement is so important. However, there are many times when I doubt my faith based my own failings. That is why I am involved with my local church; so that I can be reminded of what I believe. After this realization I was a little disturbed. If I am honestly seeking truth, isn't indoctrination just tricking myself? I don't think so. I am being indoctrinated all the time (by friends, family, TV, and yes even economics blogs). So like everyone, I pick and choose what influences me and to what degree. And from what I have witnessed in my own life, the local Christian church is a powerful force for good indoctrination.

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