Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wisdom of Planet Earth

I had this passing thought when I first watched the Planet Earth series. It's stuck with me, so I thought I might share it. I not only learned details of obscure environments around the world, I also gathered a better understanding for the purpose of life (not my life, but life in general). Animals are not for me. More specifically, animals were not created solely for the human race. This may seem simple, but it's something I subconsciously believed before. I came to this conclusion after realizing how many different species there were that I'd never heard of. Then I realized if I'd never heard of them in 2009, most people had never heard of them for thousands of years. If it's true that most animals (and fish, stars and planets, etc) were not even realized by humans, then they can't exist solely for us. But most people already think that.


  1. So true. It's so beautiful that we join with the rest of creation in glorifying God, together.

  2. Yea man, made for the glory of God. Even the cows, chickens, and (*gasp*) mosquitoes.


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