Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bottlenecked Blog Goes National

One of fun things about writing online is following who's reading. Google Analytics is great way follow when, where, and how many people are visiting your site. One of the items I follow closely is where in the country (and sometimes world) are people viewing my site from. For the longest time I've wanted to have at least one view from each state. As of last week, the last hold out Montana, finally arrived:


  1. Nice. The map thing is fun. I hadn't looked at mine for awhile but I just did and what jumped out is that China is discouragingly weak. The most populous country ranks as 65th for my blog on visits, sandwiched between Macedonia and the Dominican Republic. Not cool. How's China for you?

  2. Yeah, I'm MIA in China as well. And after I've done so many complimentary posts about them!

  3. That's a nice trick to pull target crowd . Write about them


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