Friday, January 14, 2011

Walk Faster, Live Longer

I recently got moved into a new wing of our school. It a newer room and it's got a Smart Board. The only problem is, it's much farther from the teacher work room where I make copies and eat lunch. I don't mind walking, but there one thing that keeps high school hallways slow moving, students. It's become a regular problem of getting caught behind a herd of slow students. Perhaps they should take this out-of-class lesson from me, walk faster:
Predicted years of remaining life for each sex and age increased as gait speed increased, with a gait speed of about 0.8 meters [2.6 feet]/second at the median [midpoint] life expectancy at most ages for both sexes. Gait speeds of 1.0 meter [3.3 feet]/second or higher consistently demonstrated survival that was longer than expected by age and sex alone. In this older adult population the relationship of gait speed with remaining years of life was consistent across age groups, but the absolute number of expected remaining years of life was larger at younger ages.


  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Are you saying that healthier more athletic people will live longer? Kinda looks like it.

  2. Well yeah, but the interesting part is how exact a predictor it is.

  3. Seems logical to me . Walking faster is one kind of mild exercise .


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