Friday, January 16, 2009

Emptying the Bottle: January '09 Links List

Here is a biggie sized edition to hold you over during my hiatus:

1) Mortality cost of smoking: $25 per pack.

2) Judge a book by its 69th page.

3) Humorous legal immigration flowchart.

4) Meaning of the name Brookie.

5) Popular Russian academic predicts a United States civil war.

6) Discover the details of your personal genetic information.

7) Does birth order really matter? I still think so.

8) Interactive map of the entire outer space:

9) Humorous man baby pictures.

10) Great chart on past presidents first 100 days.

11) Student auctions off virginity for millions of dollars.

12) What the other team in a Disney sports movie feels like.

13) Part one and two of a series on congestion pricing of roads (before).

14) Do you speak 2009?

15) Economics of brushing your teeth.

16) Top gifts for people you hate.

17) My job is ranked 127 out of 200. How about you?

18) Kelly Blue Book for health care.

19) Hiter was not a very good economist.

20) Adult-proof cell phone ring.

*I'll share any interesting stories on my Bookmarks while on break*


  1. I don't suppose you heard that your boy Sanford has bankrupted our state so bad he's closing three schools to make back the money.


  2. Averie11:07 PM

    Hey Harrison This place is cool and you wont see this for a while since your gone for a month and stuff
    Well Byee Bro!
    This Guy Rockz


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