Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Plugging Friends' Blogs

Here are some highlights of recently added friends' blogs:

Bryan on CEO bonuses:

Brown's opinion is that this CEO shouldn't get the bonus, but (and I'm sure you already guessed it) my opinion is that he should get the bonus. Many people hate the idea of the huge CEO compensation packages and ask, "if the company does badly, why should they get paid millions?" But let's extend this logic...

Let's say we pay a surgeon only if she saves the patient's life. The result will be that surgeons only operate on patients that are a safe bet. The severely sick and injured patients (the ones who need the best care) will suddenly be unable to find doctors willing to help them*.

Paul's First Law of Engagement:

Premise 1: Women have diamond rings to show they are engaged.
Premise 2: Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
Premise 3: Dogs are man's best friend.
Conclusion: Men should have engagement dogs.

Chi on the power of saying yes:

Moreover, there's something to be said about the confidence a yes brings over a no. In the simplest of terms, a yes is a risk and thus would put you as a risk taker. Now it is safe to say that not all risks are equal but as the idiom goes: nothing ventured, nothing gained.And while this idiom is used many times in business, it seems to apply equally well to social interactions as well. Specifically, in regards to my fellow men, our perspective is that we need to step up and be a Yes instead of a No. We need to collectively discard our reservations about rejections and initiate interaction. There's no doubt that things can go horribly wrong but by the same token there is no guarantee that by waiting things will ever come to be.

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