Monday, August 31, 2009

Emptying the Bottle: August '09 Links List

1) Maybe conservatives should worship Truman, not Reagan.

2) What happens when "clunkers" are exchanged for cash.

3) Avalanches as weapons in WWI.

4) Art by the pros or done by 4-year-olds? You take the test.

5) “Pee in the shower! Save the Atlantic rain forest!”

6) 99 things you should have already experienced on the internet unless you're a loser or old.

7) Google Alerts, how am I just finding out about this?

8) Six Word Stories, exactly what it sounds like.

9) Government helps to end racism by paying interracial couples.

10) Were the bank bailouts a good idea? Yes, say libertarians Tyler Cowen and Megan McArdle.

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