Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Generation of Men

After thinking through my imaginary Wife Swap family, I realized something: the husband of my bizarro family would look a lot like the typical husband of my father's generation. Recently my wife went to a woman's bible study where they discussed the problems they had connecting to their husbands. He's "not relational", "too independent", "not talkative", "private" or (brace yourself) "simple". As I was thinking through these ideas I realized that men have changed. Just like our fathers aren't the same as their "greatest generation" fathers, I'm not the same as my "baby boom" father. I'm very intensely relational and publicly introspective. My generation, with our Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are unbelievably open. There's also a different perspective on jobs. I have 11 jobs (fastfood, waiter, sound technician, cashier, desk clerk, freshmen mentor, athelete tutor, bartender disablity servies graduate assistant, substitute teacher, and now high school teacher) and I'm only 24. I've even seen my peers less focused on income, and more focused on leisure. I personally wouldn't care if my wife made more than me. Speaking of, congratulations to my wife Traci on a well deserved promotion!

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