Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Wife Swap Family

My wife and I love to watch the television show Wife Swap. It involves two families on different ends of the spectrum, thrown together for two weeks. There have been atheists with baptists, messy with OCD, and soccer moms with party moms. So it got me thinking, what would my bizarro family look like? I thought of three things:

1) They would be extremely hard working. I have been surprisingly satisfied with sleeping and blogging over my summer break. Although I work pretty hard during the school year (I'm a new teacher) I can consume leisure like the best of them.

2) They would be very non-confrontational. There is regularly a heated discussion in my house. Usually incited by me and wisely ended by my wife. I find it very hard to keep quiet when I disagree with someone.

3) And lastly they would have a lot of responsibility. I am very particular with what I give my time to. Although I stay pretty busy (teaching, reading, blogging, improv) most of it is personal consumption.

Though one thing I have learned watching the show is that if you are ever asked to be it you are probably pretty crazy. So you should say no and go straight to the counseling. So I'm wondering, what would your Wife Swap family look like?


  1. It sounds like we are mean, irresponsible, and lazy. Maybe you should speak for yourself :)

    I think the imaginary family would be outdoorsy, scheduled, and not fun.

  2. Dude, mine would look just like yours.


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