Monday, September 06, 2010

Quiet Resolutions

Last New Year's I made five public resolutions, attempting to diversify my risk of failing. One month later I admitted failure. Three months after that I posted that perhaps my ability to drop unattainable goals is actually good for my mental health. Well it turns out all that talk may have actually been counterproductive. According to entrepreneur Derek Sivers, talking about your goals actually makes you less likely to complete them. Much like the moral math I mentioned recently. Telling people your plans makes you feel good, even though you haven't done the hard work yet. The mind is tricked into thinking you've already completed the goal and you haven't even started. So next time I tell you what my resolutions are, doubt me.


  1. Funny. This year, I made only one resolution, and I haven't told anyone but Bryan. I'm doing it, now nine months in, and I think I will make it (knock on wood). Check my blog come December!

  2. Congrats Alyssa. Making new habits is hard to to. Though I don't want you too feel too much praise without having fulfilled your resolution completely :)


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