Monday, September 28, 2009

Economics of Reader Requests

In case you haven't noticed I really like using the tools of economics to explain the world around me. I figured I'd test out my economic detective skills by asking my readers if they have any issues or questions they think I may be able to shed some light on. Well, do you?


  1. Here are a few random ideas that I would find interesting, though I have no idea how to approach them.

    Economics of Photoshop (or the results of photoshopping and its effects on society)
    Economics of Megachurches
    Economics of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

  2. What about the economics of how many hours people REALLY work? I hear these stats thrown out all the time that people only work a certain percent of their capabilities each day(think Office Space with the Bobs).

    What about more on the stock market?

    Is it worth the price of going to jail if you can make a couple million dollars for only working a few years doing something less than legal?

    Random thoughts...yes I know

  3. Interesting (and long) article on the collapse and the stupidity of Wall Street executives.

  4. In response to A.F.'s comment - I think they usually reclaim the profits obtained using "less than legal" means. I'm sure there are ways to hide that, but now we're talking a much more significant "investment" in this less-than-legal venture.


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