Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emptying the Bottle: September '09 Links List

1) Economics of Fairy Tales

2) Does 1 abused woman equal 100 abused puppies?

3) What is Conservatism? Progressivism?

4) The greatest person you've never heard of recently died

5) Final words from death row inmates

6) Homeless people trade laughter for money

7) Car crash from 2009 vs. 1959

8) Baby agrees with Kanye (via Alyssa)

9) Economics of 3-D movies

10) The best of Time's best inventions of 2008:

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  1. The problem with the Frankenfood debate, is that both sides tend to use ridiculous hyperbole. The uber-libs are prob the worst offenders, but that doesn't change the fact that Monsanto and the uber-cons refuse to see the risks of their actions.

    Yes, better crops are part of the answer to starvation, and are definitely important in the near-term. However, they won't get us anywhere in the long term unless we start to limit population, plain and simple.


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