Monday, September 14, 2009

John Stossel Moves to Fox News, Bummer

From his blog:
It's time for a change. In one month, I leave ABC News. In October, I will join the folks at Fox. I plan to do a one hour prime time show every week on FBN, the Fox Business Channel, and contribute to various existing programs on Fox News Channel.
This is not good news for independents who are dissatisfied with both parties' disregard for fiscal and Constitutional limitations. It seems he will have more quantity, but my guess is lower quality. And even if Stossel is able to stick to his guns, the reputation of Fox News will surely taint it. I'm a big fan of John Stossel, so I'll assume he knows what he's doing. If we're lucky, he may remind Republicans why people used to vote for them and why libertarians don't.


  1. Ah who cares. Economics is a load of horse crap anyway. If the Dems or Reps capture it for their purposes, it's still based on lies...

  2. ...I guess I did one too many "Economic of" posts in one month.

  3. <3

    Hope you enjoyed my sarcasm and that it didn't break your spirit.


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