Monday, September 21, 2009

The Government Takes My Drugs

I've been a long time proponent of legalizing most drugs. Not because I personally will use them, but I don't want tell someone else they can't. Also, banning substances gives criminals an advantage over legitimate businesses (think Al Capone) and can actually increase the power and influence of gangs. However, the government has recently extended its grasp into my preference for drugs. Starting midnight tonight, it will be illegal to sell clove and other flavored cigarettes. That means me, and mostly teenage girls, won't be able to have a tasty smoke break. Granted I rarely smoke, but I will miss the option. Oddly enough, cigarette giant Philip-Morris actually supported the law stating publicly that they side with lawmakers on their desire to decrease teenage smoking. As you might have guessed, there's more to the story. Clove cigarettes mostly come from Indonesia and compete with domestic menthol cigarettes. It seems this law is protecting big tobacco more than it's protecting impressionable youth.


  1. Freakin sucks dude. Just wait till the hookah bar ban goes into effect...

  2. Ugh, this is such a tough one. I think it's a great thing pragmatically but it's hard to justify idealistically.

    Great insight about Big Tobacco's alternate motives. I would argue its does both, though - protects American tobacco and our youth.


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