Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tyler Cowen on Blogging

Marginal Revolution is on a small list of favorite things to read online. Here's an interview with one of the authors, along with others at the Economics Blogger Forum, on how he thinks about his own blog. Here's a money quote:
People have a tendency to approach issues and they want to apply simple good vs evil narratives, heroes vs villains. In my writing on the blog I deliberately try to subvert all of those expectations and to present points in some other way, and in some other emotional framing almost just to trick people or force them to think about things in a new way again. And that to me is more the mission of the blog. it's a very welcoming, inclusive approach. It's really about ideas and trying to open up horizons.
I find myself falling into this good vs. bad reality too. Hopefully I can avoid that and focus on presenting and creating original ideas.

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