Monday, December 21, 2009

Healthiness is Happiness Research

Happiness economics has become a growing study as people realize that life satisfaction isn't all about wealth. However, there are still a lot of complaints about the research. The two major problems I have with the science: 1) How to compare happiness throughout time? For example is a peasant is the 1500's less happy because they don't have anesthesia or vaccinations, things they've never dreamed of? 2) How accurate is self reported satisfaction? So instead of relying on how people feel they feel, let's measure how they actually feel. If happiness equal healthiness, then use it as a form of measurement. Don't resting heart rate, body mass index, and blood pressure seem like better measures than "are you very happy, fairly happy, or kinda sorta happy"? Speaking of, here are some interesting things the current research says about that little thing called happiness.

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