Thursday, July 29, 2010

Burqa Ban Limits Liberty

Spain is considering a ban on burqas, something France and Belgium have already done. There is distinction between freedom from influence and freedom from force. Understandably the veil is a representation of the barrier many women experience, it is still a choice. Like all choices there are repercussions. Liberty by definition is the power to do as one pleases and legal limits, no matter how good the intentions, don't expand liberty.


  1. Erin and I have had many discussions about this ban. We both go back and forth on it. One day I think the ban is obviously infringing on religious freedom, the next I think the women who wear them are likely not to be doing so freely, and therefore action should be taken to protect their freedom. To me there isn't a clear answer.

  2. Cultural norms are a funny thing. My brother and his family lived in Saudi Arabia for 3 years. Flying out of Saudi Arabia was an interesting experience. As soon as the flight left Saudi airspace the Saudi women would immediately stand up and disrobe to reveal these gorgeous women wearing very stylish western fashions. Yet banning the Burqua would have been mostly opposed even by these same women. Because some women might be forced to wear a burqua against their will does not mean that all women should be prohibited from doing so.


  3. I'm with Steve on this one and would probably even go farther. In a free society (like Spain) it is difficult to force someone to do something unless you have the power of the law behind you. Although culture is powerful, it cannot force you to do something.

  4. I don't know a lot about human trafficking, but I know it most successful when the country has strict immigration policies (or else the person being trafficked would come through normal means and could seek help from the local authorities if their rights are being infringed upon).

    I'm certainly not suggesting there are no adults being restrained in America (and certainly not the world). What I am suggesting is that most decisions made in America (and in the industrialized world) are from personal choice.


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