Saturday, July 31, 2010

Know Thy Spouse

In yesterday's post about how men and women view fighting differently, my wife was nice enough to give her thoughts. This was the GoogleChat conversation we had during it:
me: [link to my comment]
Traci: ew, i dont like the sweetie thing
me: haha, i was trying to think of a nice name what wasn't sexual
me:[link to my second comment]
Traci: im not responding
me: haha, i love you
Traci: your definition of fight is different than mine
me: say that then and explain it, because i disagree
Traci: nah
me: haha, then we will never improve!
Traci: you just want me to comment, you dont really want to improve
me: haha, i might post this chat on my blog
Traci: i was just typing that you weren't allowed to but then i erased it
me: now i have to
Views of conflict aside, nothing better for a marriage than knowing and accepting each other.

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