Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reasonableness of God

Within the PCA, the denomination to which I am a member, Tim Keller is well known. He is a bestselling author and pastor at a large church in NYC. He was invited to speak at the Googleplex as part of the Talks@Google series. Though it is long (42 minutes), this talk is one of the best I've ever heard on the topic of logic and religion. Take it from someone who doesn't like to invest too much time into something, this is worth it:

I would love to hear responses from believers and non-believers.


  1. Amanda Scherle12:21 PM

    Thought provoking. This kind of forum (a google talk)obviously can only provide a springboard for deeper discussion. It's like one of those Eastern European wooden dolls; one question naturally leads to another. I do want to read his book. I'd be particularly interested in hearing his thoughts on the Bible (and other religious texts as the mouthpieces of God). The Old Testament is full of things that make me feel just like the woman who described the stinging insect sucking the brains out of the frog. Mandates to kill certain kinds of sinners (such as adulterers) in spite of the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill" always give me great pause.

    That said, I greatly appreciate the call for acknowledging that atheism and agnosticism are in fact, belief systems, and that as such, they are subject to the same natural "rules" as any other belief system. They are no more or less "right" or provable than conventional religious beliefs, and result just as fully from personal and social needs as they do from intellectualism.

  2. I can probably answer those questions for you. Since he and I are members in the same denomination we probably have pretty similar theology. He believes the Bible is one consistent and perfect mouthpiece of God. The verses that make you (us) feel uncomfortable are either out of context, not necessarily endorsed just in the Bible, or possibly it is us that is corrupt.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


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