Sunday, July 25, 2010

Improv and Sightseeing in New York City

As I mentioned a while back, this weekend I head to NYC. I'll be performing in the 12th Annual Del Close Marathon. Marathon is not a exaggeration, it's a name. The festival runs from Friday to Sunday in three locations with shows day and night. Here are my performance slots:

The 708: Sat 12:00 pm at Hudson Guild Theatre
Mister Diplomat: Sun 2:30 pm at UCB Theatre

If you're in the area ticket information will be released soon on the website. Also, my wonderful wife has agreed to accompany me. Any non-improv touristy suggestions for us?


  1. The Museum of Modern Art is the best art museum I've ever visited.
    Walking through Central Park is iconic and free.

  2. Good luck :D I sooooooooo wish I could be there.

  3. Have fun!

    Letterman is free, but you got to wait in line.

  4. We'll definitely be there Sunday, and how about the 10:30 UES service? Should give you time to get prepped before the show.

    Also, not sure what your Friday night plans are, but this concert is going in the park we live right next too:

  5. Actually we are planning on seeing shows all Friday night, but let's count on Sunday with Tim Keller (that is if we can find out where he's preaching).

  6. Great, Pretty sure he will be at the Hunter College service. He wasn't this past week, and he usually doesn't miss two in a row. I'll drop you a line with Carla and I's cells


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