Monday, July 26, 2010

Answering My Own Questions, Third Edition

Here's part one and two and here are some more interesting questions with interesting answers:

1) How many people have walked on the moon?
Twelve. All men, all Americans, all between 1969-1972.

2) How much can wrongly convicted criminal get?
Recently in NC a man received almost $1.5 million for being falsely imprisoned for 19 years.

3) Why do public restrooms have a gap in the front of the toilet seat?
Wikipedia suggests that it might has once been required by OSHA in the early 1970's. It could also be to prevent standing men from urinating "dribbles" on the seat. Another suggestion is that the gap prevents genitalia from touching the seat, which could spread disease.

4) How many presidents have served more than one term?
From Washington to Bush, 20 out of 43 served more than one term.

5) Which American owns the most land?
Ted Turner owns 2 million acres in 12 states. That's as big as Rhode Island and Delaware put together. He also created the show Captain Planet.

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  1. Amike9:06 AM

    "The Brendan Kelly Porcelain Preservers Society believe that using the toilet seat carries with it a luxury which man should not be destined to have. Instead this group of males carry out ritual toilet usage whereby a toilet-seatless toilet is used while chanting and dancing around the toilet user."

    Methinks somebody's been fiddling with Wikipedia's entry on toilet seats.


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