Sunday, July 04, 2010

Different Types of Libertarians

I remember when Ron Paul came to Clemson's campus a couple of years ago. I got to meet him and a his supporters. I realized during his speech that there was a huge variety of people there. This cartoon describes it perfectly:


  1. Amike3:13 PM

    I love this, but of course it begs the question: which one are you? Given your earlier (damn fine) posts about Madison, I don't think Historian applies, so I'm-a say Apostle. But I could be wrong...

  2. You could probably cite a post to support any of them. I'm probably guilty of all.

  3. Some of Jon Stossel's work bears the hallmarks of the Apostle. He's better about explaining the market mechansims he thinks will work better than (some implementations of) regulation, which eases the "magic" aspect of his belief.

    My other favorite is the fusion of the Island and the Bizarrely Hypocritical. (Remember the "No government healthcare but keep your hands off my Medicare!"?)

    Thanks for the cartoon!


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