Friday, February 25, 2011

Conditioned For Marriage

There's been a lot of chatter on the web recently about "the end of marriage". Unsurprisingly, I'm skeptical. Here's some evidence that humanity is trained for committed relationships:
Single, male subjects rated a woman the most attractive at the peak of her ovulation, scientists found, which is to be expected since that's when she's the most fertile. On the other hand, male subjects in a committed relationship behaved the opposite by giving the woman lower attractive marks during her fertility peak.
Here's why:
The authors hypothesize that people in relationships are more likely to subconsciously reduce thoughts of temptation. Researchers call these tendencies "relationship maintenance strategies," where we downplay the attractiveness of others we might be tempted by.


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  2. Kudos Harrison !!!!

    Now I know what it is meant by committed and how we subconsciously behave while in a relationship

    Or wait minute ...Those grapes are good but I can't have them .Better I tell my mind they are sour to reduce my disappointment and feel happy with what I have ^_^


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